COMPOLYTICS® Macrobot NextGen

Automated multispectral image acquisition system for advanced phenomics (Macroimaging Robot)

Automated sample handling

  • Samples, e.g., detached leaves of crop plants, contained in agar plates (standard microplates) are placed in up to 15 stacks of up to 30 plates each (22 with lids).
  • Plate crane (specialised robot arm) automatically picks plate from stack, places it on linear moving table and removes lid for undisturbed scan.

Multispectral image acquisition

  • Each plate is automatically loaded into imaging box; barcode reader scans sample ID.
  • Customisable sequence of multispectral illumination in UV, VIS, and NIR (tailored to application).
  • Synchronised image acquisition using high-resolution digital camera; background-lit scan for improved object segmentation.

Dedicated user interface

  • Allows complete control of all scan parameters, definition of several scan scenarios including light recipes.
  • Live view of high-resolution camera image plus real-time surveillance image from inside the imaging box.
  • Saving the recorded image data on a local hard drive or in the cloud.

Compatible with various image analysis software

  • Customised proprietary or publicly available image analysis software comprising leaf segmentation, lesion recognition and quantitative assessment.
  • Example shown here: BluVision software for the detection of Blumeria graminis developed at IPK Gatersleben (courtesy of Dimitar Douchkov and Stefanie Lück).