Scanning oily, greasy or gel-like substances right on your smartphone

Easy to Use

Do the tap

  • Tapping lens on substance (direct or indirect using a cloth).
  • Works best for oily, greasy, or gel-like substances.
  • Acts like a filter in optical path.
  • Leads to image distortion making up desired measurement effect.

Scan a Pattern

Application-specific image features 

  • Image distortion
    • Blurriness,
    • Bent lines,
    • Colour fringe,
  • Machine learning model to relate features to reference data.
  • Data processing on smartphone or cloud-based, native or web app.

Tailored Measurement Patterns

Measurement pattern 

  • Specific to chemical properties of substance to be measured.
  • Standard pattern: Siemens star
    • Rotation invariant, 
    • Virtually all angles of light / dark boundary
      → anisotropy,
    • Corner markers for reproduction scale.
  • Further potential patterns
    • Fractals, logo, QR code, plain text.

Endless Possibilities

Suitable for applications not requiring lab instrument precision

  • Natural and synthetic oils and greases.
  • Gel-like substances.
  • Substances with particulate matter.
  • Measurement pattern can be printed on product or provided separately.
  • Patented technology.