COMPOLYTICS provides innovative mobile scanners and uses proprietary developments and patented / licensed core technologies. These are adapted to specific applications, customers and markets using high synergy effects.


New generation of material scanners

  • Innovative physical measurement principle using inverse spectroscopy.
  • Sequential monochromatic lighting by LED with synchronised capturing of reflected light by photo detector.
  • Mathematical calibration model using tailored machine learning.
  • Low-cost standard hardware components or smartphone-based using display and front camera.
  • Based on patented / licensed technology.


Scanning oily, greasy or gel-like substances
right on your smartphone

  • Unique measurement principle to tap smartphone lens on oily substance and capture distorted image of test pattern.
  • Tailored texture properties of test pattern used to compare undistorted (clean lens) and distorted (tapped lens) images.
  • Oily substance tapped on lens acts like a filter in optical path.
  • Works with various patterns.
  • Patent pending technology.